Glenmoor Golf Club

Men’s association



USGA and local rules will be in effect and must be played by all members during Men’s Association events.


$45 per member


Glenmoor will host 9-holes events weekly on Wednesdays & Thursdays, and 18-holes events on Saturdays throughout the season (see event list below). Each member must play in at least 5 events before the Championship in order to be eligible. Championship will be held mid-summer.


Regular Rates: $20 Walking & $30 Riding
Glenmoor Club Pass Rates: $12 Walking & $17 Riding
Mandatory $8 Game Fee and optional $5 Skins Game Fee (cash only)
Optional $5 Hole-in-One Insurance (cash only) *valid until someone get a hole-in-one*


Credit to the golf shop will be issued to members who place in each division. An account will be set up in your name for winnings to be credited for future purchases on any merchandise in the golf shop. Credit must be redeemed by December 31st, 2021.


UGA handicap required. All handicaps are updated daily with a soft cap and hard cap set in place by the World Handicap System. No Sandbagging! We pay Net & Gross winners in all weekday events, the world golf handicap system is updated and reviewed after each round played.


All Men’s League members will play weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays from the BLUE OR BLACK tees. Seniors will play Wednesdays and Thursdays from the White tees (55+). Players can play anytime of the day just have to play with another member of the league to verify scores and sign scorecards. Players may book League Tee Times 7 days in advance (10 days with premium club pass) by calling the pro-shop at 801-271-1742 (extension 3).


Men’s League Champ Flight (+-5.0)
Men’s League Regular Flight (5.1 & up)
Sr. Men’s League Flight
**Champ Flight: This year we will be offering a new champ flight that will be playing the black tees all year. In order to play in the champ flight you must let whoever is working the proshop know that you want to play in the champ flight for that men’s league day. Anyone is able to play in the champ flight, However, we only recommend playing in this flight if you played in the champ division in last year’s Club Championship. Last year the handicap for champ flight was (+handicaps-5.0). If you do not fall under that category it is highly recommended to play in the regular flight from the blue tees.

Senior Division will be ages 55+ and will have only 1 flight. If we can get enough players in the senior division, we will split into 2 flights based on how the regular division is split.

You must be paired with one or more association members, or obtain prior approval from one of Glenmoor’s Golf Professionals during each event for your score to count.


March: Super Psycho March 26th
April: Glenmoor Ameutur April 9th Glenmoor AM 2.0 (2-man shamble) April 30th
May: 2-man scramble (side game blind draw) May 21st
June: No tournament for June Beat The Pro June 15th (Wednesday) & 30th (Thursday)
July: Red, White, and Blue One man scramble (1-6 Blue Tees, 7-12 White Tees, and 13-18 Red Tees) July 9th
August: Club Championship August 6th
September: Glenmoor Cup September 10th

If you have any questions about formats for tournaments please reach out to Preston Lucas, Tanner Johnson, or Weston Wheeler for more detail.


Anyone who has been accused of cheating or writing an incorrect score will play their next men’s league round with an employee to verify their score. (Please note hitting the ball left of the white stakes on 6 off of their tee shot is out of bounds and the player needs to rehit their tee shot). Make sure that your ball is holed on every hole, if you pick up you receive a 9 for the hole. (NO GIMMIES!)


Glenmoor GC offers discounted rates for facility use and tournaments to all league members. Inquire for details.