Booking & Payment Procedures:

For people without the Season Pass or Club pass or Employees. You will use the men’s league tab if you have any struggles getting access to the men’s league tab contact us. You will go to the website golfglenmoor.com to book your tee times they will be pre-paid online you will have to pay for you entire group’s green fees and they can pay you back. You will have a priority over the general public which will allow you to book your tee times 7 days in advance for men’s league play only instead of 3 days like usual, to insure you are able to get some tee times as we have been completely full everyday.
Season Pass, Club Pass, Employees will call the Pro shop 801-280-1742 Extension: 3 to book your tee times for the members of our club and loyal season pass holders we have allowed for you to book your tee times 10 days in advance for men’s league play to secure your tee times.
If you do book your tee time and there will be a player in the group that doesn’t have the club pass or season pass we will ask that you pay for there green fee over the phone with your tee time.
Tee times will all be prepaid for everyone.
$8 Game fee will be paid at the check-in window individually where you will get a scorecard with your name on it and your handicap you will also declare whether you’re playing regular men’s league or senior men’s league.
$5 Optional ‘VENMO ONLY” SKINS will be available at the window as well.
$5 Optional “HOLE IN 1 INSURANCE” if you get a hole in one this pays for drinks for everyone in the hole in 1 insurance and the money that isn’t redeemed you get to keep.
All results will be posted on golf genius with the links to those pages below if you have any trouble finding the results contact us and we can email them to you or inform you of the results.
Redeeming of credit in the proshop will be allowed you will just have to come into the pro shop in small crowds no more than 1-3 people allowed in the shop at a time to look at stuff.
Wednesday RESULTS:
Thursday RESULTS: